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We built our first interiors by hand. With grit, grace, and rebel energy we’ve been grinding for 24 years. We grew from a design-build studio to a full-service, boutique interior design firm now executing 15-20 projects per year. Our studio specializes in restaurant design, but our annual project list has expanded to include offices, health and wellness spaces, retail, multi-unit residential, boutique hotels and pop-ups.


We strive to create deeply personal connections with our clients and the stories they are trying to tell. Our goal is to express genuine authenticity in each space we design by weaving those personal narratives into every detail. 


We aim to strike a balance between aesthetic relevancy and longevity. We hit the pulse of what’s happening right now, while also interpreting it in a way that the heart keeps beating for years to come. Some of our projects have become cult-classics in their communities--still winning awards 10+ years since opening. 



Because we began our design story as fabricators, our interiors reflect our expertise as not only designers but also builders. Our fabrication background gives us the technical know-how to pull-off completely custom interiors. As we’ve grown, we’ve curated a wildly talented collective of artisans and makers who help us execute our designs.


We are rebels with many causes. We like to break rules and push boundaries.


We’re not your typical design firm, we choose to be small but mighty. We playfully refer to ourselves as the “Unicorn Gang.”  We are a non-hierarchical studio, meaning all team members are heavily involved in each one of our projects. We all wear many hats, sometimes too many. We are 50% woman owned and have quite an eclectic team. We are big proponents of group learning and mind-expanding activities. 



Over the years, we’ve built a diverse network of clients. Quite often, we are in the business of dream-fulfillment for sole owners, chefs, creators, and the like. Because we work so closely with our clients, we’ve been lucky enough to develop long-lasting relationships with many. It’s typical for us to go on to design several projects for each of our clients. We’re genuinely invested in their long-term success. 



We don’t just stop at finishes and furniture. From concepting through construction, we are immersed in every aspect of our clients business. We are typically brought onto the project team before a lease has even been signed--offering up our mind reading, advocacy, and business advice from the very get go.

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